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Group Discount Purchasing

CAIPA helps administer providers’ health insurance program.

Solo practitioners can purchase health coverage for his/her family and staff through CAIPA. Practitioners, who have more than 2 insured family or staff, may also have their coverage administered by CAIPA.

Physician’s Reciprocal Insurers (PRI) is offering CAIPA members:


  • Personal marketing representatives available to discuss coverage options.
  • eServices enable you to create a personal account on PRI.com, log in 24/7 and take care of most of your insurance needs at your convenience.
  • Free Online and Live Risk management courses for PRI Insureds.
  • Payment options including quarterly billing with no finance fee, credit card payments and premium finance options.
  • You can switch to PRI at any time without a gap in coverage.
  • PRI will also provide free “Nose” or “Tail” coverage (certain provisions must be met) on a claims made policy


Call PRI today for a no obligation rate quote (855)841-5592
email contact-us@pri.com
or visit their website at www.PRI.com


  • Medline is excited to be named the preferred medical supply distributor for CAIPA.
  • Medline offers guaranteed savings on your everyday medical supplies and vaccines!
  • Currently, 15 CAIPA members are taking advantage of these discounts.


For more information, please contact your local Medline representative.