CAIPA Foundation Celebrated for the Asian Heritage Month

CAIPA Asian Heritage Night 亚美医师协会 亞裔傳統文化傳承之夜 -2019- Edison Ballroom - awards
CAIPA Asian Heritage Night -2019- Edison Ballroom - awards

(From left) George Liu MD (President of CAIPA), Sun-Hoo Foo MD, Peggy Sheng (Executive Director of CAIPA), Hong Jia and Marcus Loo.

To celebrate of the Asian Heritage Month, CAIPA Foundation held the Asian Heritage Night at the Edison Hotel in Midtown Manhattan on the evening of the 22nd. Hundreds of physicians and guests from the Asian-American community in New York attended the show and enjoyed the night of music, story-telling and appreciation.

The organizers said that this is the fourth year of the CAIPA Foundation hold the Asian Heritage Nights event with the support of CAIPA, one of the largest IPAs in New York’s Asian-American communities and the most recognized in the region with over 1,100 private practice providers.

The theme of the evening was to celebrate the Asian Heritage Month in May with a focus on health care, as well as Recognize organizations and providers for their outstanding services to the Asian-American community. In addition, the event also Serve as a tribute to all healthcare stakeholders, government officials, hospitals, nursing homes, home care agencies, healthcare providers, and family members working together to provide the most comprehensive care to those in need.

During the event, the guests enjoyed costumes from Korean, Chinese, and Indian communities, erhu and Odissi Indian dance. George Liu, president and CEO of CAIPA, and Peggy Sheng, COO of CAIPA, delivered speeches. Doctor Sun-Hoo Foo, who is engaged in neurology, won the Lifetime Achievement Award. Jia Hong won the Best Primary Care Provider Award of the Year. Marcus Loo, a urologist, won the Best Specialist Award of the Year.

AIPA Asian Heritage Night 亚美医师协会 亞裔傳統文化傳承之夜 -2019- Edison Ballroom - awards